Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CS-bun luv them!!!

i got my result, well, is ok, then on d way 2 back weiliang called me, n said "laoda, when do u wanna go CS??"
Super-extremly happy+excited!!!
hahass~~ As if i m the 1 who get excellent result!!!

at nite, i ask him if other ppl go along, he said no else, simply, i jux get shock that jiayi din go...
then the nxt day he said nvr ask, anyway, jiayi come along, hahass~~

today, the wed, we went CS n shop
shop shop shop till unlimited
i feel good coz shopping can relieve my stress mb, hahass~~
we saw L shirt, n lots lots, owl bought shoes n cap, not bad guy, hahass~~

my legs r killing me, coz i wore slipper, ==
then my bag is heavy.........
luckily owl help me to carry, kakass~~
he also complaint that how come my bag is damn heavy, wakakss~~
thx lots^^

anyway, we went back soo early...
alone again.... sooooo reluctant to leave them.....
a strange feeling burst out....
is weird.... undescibable...

well, thx 4 d lunch that owl's mum provided,
that bun is nice!!!! got my hometown feeling
i love it!!!!
i'm looking forward 4 the bun tml...
thx lots^^
love that bun sooo much!!!

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