Friday, December 26, 2008

Memorable Christmas Eve ^.^

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell
Jingle all d way~~
Merry Christmas, dude ^^
2008 Christmas eve is a memorable n precious day...
though i was soo tired n had panda eyes on that day, i was sooo happy as if having a christmas party in d heaven!! HAHASS~~
Bout 6pm we aldy reach jiasin's house n fixed d stove up, spent both us bout 30 minit, hahss~~
due to our cooperation n our experience, it is done finally, hahss~~
after this then jux looking round n see wat help is needed lo...
hahss~~ Keep asking jiasin mama:"auntie wat can we do 4 u??" hahss~~
wait n wait n wait lo... coz it was a rainny night... hahss~~
waiting 4 d rain 2 stop n waiting 4 airen weiliang zihong n ah dou...

BBQ start!!!
we BBQ this n that n eat these n those,
den playing chatting n washing one another, hahss~~
zihong n ah dou watch little nyonya frm d window, as though they were peeping sth frm thr, hahss~~
what a funny scene!!

chat n chat n chat lo...
on that day i jux found that my sense of direction is quite good de lo
got improvement!!! kakass~~ JYJY^^

then we tidying up lo..
washing these n those, hahass~~
can play water le!! kakass~~~ I love it!!

jiasin mama said we can go camping liao, hahass~~
she seem so believe our washing n cleaning skill, jiasin said, hahss~~
hahass~~ tat's great!!
we so glad to do that!! hahss~~
got chance we will do that again de, hahss~~
jiasin said last time open house she wash till 3am.. kesian her...
nxt time wont hv same thing occur de gal, we promise, hahss~~ if we r thr la, hahss~~
playing water is a relax n interesting game, hahss~~ at least i wont mind 2 do that, hahss~~ n still so enjoy it, hahss~~

daidi daidi lo,
every1 so tired aldy... jux play few then dismiss lo...
slp sooo deep til can sleep though d light is switched on, hahss~~
Nini, a gal i knew frm thr, cute sweet n friendly, hahass~~
well, is a model singapore gal, hahss~~
nice 1 not bad, hahss~~

well, is a new experience of d christmas eve, hahass~~
Merry Christmas n Happy New Year ^^
Happy Bday 2 airen mama ^^

Thx lots dude, n jiasin mama n those unknown gals n guys, hahss~~
Thx lots let me hv such a memorable christmas eve n some leng xiao hua, hahass~~

Time goes soo fast,
1 year gone dy...
recall last year d same time, i was in singapore n totally cant expect i will b here rite nw, hahas~~
anyway, wishing u all
Good luck n JY ^^

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